Chapter 6 Conclusion

Venn diagrams are widely-used diagrams to show the intersection values in biomedical studies. Despite several tools exist to draw Venn diagram in the R environment, the demand for a better one is unlimited. In this context, we developed ggVennDiagram, an R package that enable the automated Venn diagram generation in publication quality.

ggVennDiagram is built with the merits of ggplot2, and integrates the advantages of existing packages such as VennDiagram, RVenn, venn, and sf. As a result, ggVennDiagram not only develops the method of plotting a Venn diagram, but also designs a comprehensive object that stores the complete data for a Venn diagram.

ggVennDiagram is currently support 2-7 sets Venn diagram. Satisfactory results can be obtained with minimal configurations. However, it also provides highly customizable drawing method without increasing the cost of learning.

The package is an open-source software that released under the GPL-3 license, and it is freely available through CRAN ( or GitHub (